The Price of Oil is Killing the Middle Class…

Oil has been on the upswing at a dangerously alarming pace for anyone but the ultra rich and the oil refiners themselves for the last few weeks.  And who is to blame you ask?  How about the refiners who use sour crude instead of the American standard, Texas light sweet crude.  Why is it that refiners prefer to use sour crude from imported sources instead of our own oil?  Nobody is talking about this, or better put, nobody has the courage to challenge the refining mentality, the lack of refineries altogether, or the apparent disregard of light sweet crude, the best oil everywhere, and certainly the best for the American consumer….our oil, our refineries, our middle class, our economy, all are adjusted for the globalist flavor of the month, sour crude, the worst of all oil to refine, yet we use it in massive amounts which drives up the cost of oil to the end consumer, you and me.

If this doesn’t offend you in this politically correct world, then maybe you should go to another country and live there. Sanctions on Iranian oil are not driving up the price of Gasoline, the use of sour crude is driving up the price of gasoline, and keeps the tankers going  instead of sitting In port somewhere full to the max with no buyers in sight.   Trade all Venezuelan oil for tanker ships full of food at current market pricing and take over that country at the food store instead of letting Russia and Cuba prop it up.  This is Common Sense American speaking here and if you don’t buy it, then you are up to your eyeballs in globalist rhetoric , fostered by a globalist mentality that is good for them, and bad for us.  A semi isolationist  policy is needed in the worst way, right now, if not yesterday.

The only guys making money on oil right now are the traders, and the refiners, not the producers, not the drillers, not the pipelines, not the maintenance guys, even the big integrated companies like Exxon and Shell are making less than they should, and the “middle class going to work everyday people” are paying for it. So how does that work?  My guess is that long term under the table contracts are at work with healthy kickbacks  paid later and muddled by lobbyists.  And this is furthered by refineries shutting down to re tool for other gasoline mixes.  Not to mention that prices fall like fluttering leaves on the way down and leap like hungry lions on the way up.  These prices today are late summer prices, not early spring prices, especially since the unusually hard winter and flooded spring has already hurt the middle class across most of the Missouri River drainage.  Other  commodities like soy beans, corn, and even wheat are subject to late planting and lost acres to floods, but the ethanol lobby, the most upside down pricing element of the whole fuel game is alive and well.  Are you getting the picture yet?

So why do we punish the middleclass and the farmers, the only people who work anymore?  Because we can, that’s why, where are they going to go, certainly not to another country where taxes are less, like corporations do when they get taxed too heavily.  Lets feed them some more high fructose corn syrup, make them fatter, and less healthy but addicted to the sugar they need like another drug from the land of plenty.  And let them drive to their local convenience store, fill up with over priced gas, and get a 99 cent 40 oz. soda that will bring on a heart attack before they live out a normal life span. Welcome home America, land of the free, home of the brave and  the politically correct.   You let it happen, what are you going to do about it?  My bet is nothing, because that would rock the boat so smoothly sailing towards its ultimate destination,  the falling of the  American Rome…

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