Tiger, Kavanaugh, and Keopka, The Tale Of Two Stories, Or More

The recent weeks have seen a swirl of activity, both in sports and the other Great American Pastime, gossip.  Gossip has dominated news since the advent of yellow Journalism, circa cable news 24 hour coverage of less than newsworthy stories.  Americans have feasted on  Tiger’s misfortunes, Kavanaugh’s potential indiscretions, tame by Clinton or Weinstein standards but capable nonetheless of derailing his Supreme Court nomination .   And now , a fight between friends, Brooks Keopka and Dustin Johnson after their defeat in the Ryder Cup at a cocktail party put on by of all people, the European Team…

Tiger has vindicated his past with the greatest comeback and most inspiring last moment in sport in a long, long time.  When thousands of people swarmed the 18th fairway last week when he won the Fed Ex Finale with his first win in 5 years, all was well with the world and maybe, just maybe, some normalcy had returned to the lunacy of modern sports drama.  It was inspiring to  even the most diehard Tiger hater, and there are a lot of them, but more so to the millions of Tiger lovers who thought the day would never come.  Everybody was wrong, Tiger has returned more composed, more approachable, and more lovable.  Everybody who saw what he has gone through to survive in a feeding frenzy of media whores  must give him the respect he deserves, evident by his 14 majors and 80 wins.

There has never been and there may never be a more dynamic leader of a generation of winners than Tiger Woods, who set the standard for excellence that all the new wave has sought.  Jordan Speith, Ricky Fowler, Justin Thomas, Dustin Johnson, Rory McElroy, Tommy Fleetwood,Justin Rose, Brooks Keopka, John Rahm, Patrick Reed,  ALL THE NEW LIONS  of the PGA Tour.  This is the tour that Tiger built.  Athletes who work out all the time, who excel in every phase of shot making, and are wise beyond their years are all a result of the inspiration of Tiger Woods, not only the best Golfer of all time for the years that he has played, but maybe the finest all around athlete of a generation, and that includes all sport.  Hats off to Tiger.

Now bow your head at the Kavanaugh hearings, and pray to God you never see something like this again, a man torn apart, and a woman torn between the devil and the deep blue sea.  No one is telling the truth here and the media doesn’t have the guts to call them up on it.    If she can’t remember where she was, when it happened and who else was there, can you believe her?  And if he has to put on the angry face to deny the charges and did a bad job of acting his way through it, can you believe him?  Believe me you may have just as well let Barbara Feinstein make the charge and let Senator Grassley dispute it than watch the fiasco that is unfolding.  It makes me puke to watch this Romanesque Senatorial Vomitorium at work.  Sweep it into the sewer where it belongs. 

And Finally,  

Did Bruce Keopka and Dustin Johnson get into it because Johnson’s girlfriend called somebody a name or did Keopka’s girlfriend start it.  Sound sophomoric, it should, just like Kavanaugh and Ford, who are results of American foreplay of the eighties, get ’em drunk and take ’em to the back room.  Are the boys wrong for doing it, or the girls who went there knowing full well what could happen.  That’s the problem in American Social Reform, nobody wants to admit how animalistic we were then or how bad we are now.  At least the Romans had a coliseum and roared when they killed the gladiators.  We watch football and try to take the violence out of it with late head hits, but in actuality, we want to see the guy get hit, and his body carted off.  We are just as violent now as we were then, so don’t go off telling me we are all that civilized.  Just because laptops have replaced  tablets and cursive writing doesn’t mean that we have evolved in the last two thousand years.   Look in the mirror and see if you like what you see, you may be in for a rude awakening…

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