Derelictus Esoterica = Common Sense

Blazen' Annie's Abel and Me after a two day field trial win.

Blazen’ Annie’s Abel and Me after a two day field trial win.

Derelict-Us Esoterica is a term I use to indicate how derelict our actions are in relation to common sense analysis of everyday life.  In a dumbed down society created by media driven thought processes, it’s important to focus your attention on what is really important to you.  Your opinion counts more than anyone else’s, because it’s your life, not some off the wall analyst on a news channel.

Derelict-us Esoterica is an amalgamation of wording representing derelict actions in esoteric matters or how Derelict-us Ameri-can-us? has failed in furthering the American dream.  This means that we as Americans have been derelict in our duty to evolve as conscious human beings, which would allow us to achieve the American dream.  And what is the American dream, you ask?  Is it a place where everyone has an equal chance to live a life of freedom?  If we are all created equal, then it is the responsibility of all of us to do our part.

Dogs, Blogs, False Casts, and Outright Lies are forums for thought on this website and are made up from my life experiences.  Life experience is the finishing school of traditional education, it is the school of hard knocks on steroids.. All the rest of education is from other sources, it is opinion.  When you blend opinion with real life usability, knowledge is created, and you can actually develop a reality that is true for you.  That’s where common-sense trumps all the educational theory in the world.  If you can’t use it, then what good is it to you? 

There are 3 books to read on this website that are available as electronic reads in email form listed on the Additional Material Page.

 Great Sierra Waters, The Eastern Slope, is a definitive study of Eastern Sierra trout waters. It explains the history of rivers themselves, and how to fish them. It is complete with fly patterns that work and fishing techniques that are useful.

Between Square Buttes is 36 short pieces about fly fishing and upland bird hunting over the last 30 years in this country.  It is the story of Sir Benjamin of Bozeman, and his legacy.    It is my life with the dogs, my life on the rivers, and the best place to see the evolvement of my character and what formed me as a man.  It started as a tribute to the Last Best Place, it may have become a tribute to the end of the Last Best Place.

Terminal Exposure is a novel about the drug wars on our southern border.  It is the story of how the cartels evolved.  It takes off where the movie, Traffic, left off.  Started in 1994, it pre-dates America’s fascination with this subject. There are more books to follow.

Derelict-Us Ameri-can-us? is available at the bottom of this page on Sound Cloud.  Click on it and listen to the audio.

Derelict-us Ameri-can-us?  is a series of poems, parables, and short pieces that are a commentary of what America has become.  It was ahead of its time when I first wrote it but right now, it is dead on the money.  I have 2 hours of audio on a link at the bottom of this page which details all of the material in the book. They are numbered and should be listened to in sequence to fully understand them.  The first two are the poems, parables and stories themselves. The rest of them are commentary on todays’ world that brings all the material together in a cohesive manner.  Its where we are right now in this country.  Listen and reflect on what is said, then either use it or discard it.  BUT LISTEN FIRST

Click on the address below and get two hours of audio referring to the subjects above.

Click on this to see our Dog Breeding Website for outstanding Brittany gundogs .


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