Terminal Exposure,

Between Square Buttes,

available on audio now…

Blazen' Annie's Abel and Me after a two day field trial win.

Blazen’ Annie’s Abel and Me after a two day field trial win.

After years of waiting and hours of audio recording in bits and pieces, two new books have wandered to the market for general consumption.  Terminal Exposure hit the audio book market in early Summer of this year and was followed shortly thereafter by an e- book version.  And now, Between Square Buttes makes its debut in audio as well. 

What is important about all this is that the two books are completely different in character.  Terminal Exposure is a classic fiction thriller set on the southern border complete with real world intrigue among multiple players.  From Mexico City to Sinaloa, from Sinaloa to El Paso, the power struggle between the Mexican Cartels is apparent to any sane person who lives in America today.  Terminal Exposure was written before the recent border activity takes place and chronicles the real-world ascension to power that has transpired there. And it’s a damn good story.                                                                          

Between Square Buttes is 35 short pieces about fly fishing and upland bird hunting over the last 40 years in this country.  It is the story of the American West.  It is all the glitter, and all the gold, all the bitter and all the bold.  And lastly it is The Last Best Place, before it was discovered by an all-consuming world who can’t get here fast enough and can’t get enough of it when they get here…

Terminal Exposure is a novel about the drug wars on our southern border.  It is the story of how the cartels evolved. It pre-dates America‚Äôs fascination with this subject. There are more books to follow.  


Derelict-Us Ameri-can-us? is available at the bottom of this page on Sound Cloud.  Click on it and listen to the audio.

Derelict-us Ameri-can-us?  is a series of poems, parables, and short pieces that are a commentary of what America has become.  It was ahead of its time when I first wrote it but right now, it is dead on the money.  I have 2 hours of audio on a link at the bottom of this page which details all of the material in the book. They are numbered and should be listened to in sequence to fully understand them.  The first two are the poems, parables and stories themselves. The rest of them are commentary on todays’ world that brings all the material together in a cohesive manner.  Its where we are right now in this country.  Listen and reflect on what is said, then either use it or discard it.  BUT LISTEN FIRST

Click on the address below and get two hours of audio referring to the subjects above.


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