Sugarbabe and ten pups.

Sugarbabe and ten pups.

Dogs have dominated my life since 1987, when I got Sir Benjamin, my first Brittany.  This dog changed my life and nearly 30 years later, his off spring have won 13 field Championships in National Shoot To Retrieve.   He produced 4 generations of field trial winners and his progeny have placed in American Field Stakes, and American Brittany Club Stakes.  While not overwhelming by itself, it lends credibility to anything I say about dogs and the animal kingdom in general. My father could teach any dog anything, I may have inherited this trait.

Breeding dogs over 25 years has humbled me in the face of understanding genetics and the higher powers of natural selection in the animal kingdom.  Pick up enough dog crap and you too will be humbled.  Dogs have brought me happiness on a daily basis, and it’s hard to hate the world when you have a Brittany puppy on your lap in the morning when you are having coffee.  Every dog I own has started his life on my lap in the morning, so that we may bond, and will love each other without reservation.  It creates a level of understanding that supersedes the conscious brain and stirs emotions deep in your sub conscious when man was a pack animal like the wolves all dogs evolved from.  Unfortunately, we as human beings have forgotten most of our animal instincts in our evolvement as three brained beings.  Our physical brain does not talk to our emotional brain which neglects our mental brain and like bio-rhythm charts gone out of balance, we teeter on the precipice of stupidity most of the time.  Occasionally we have a conscious thought and try to implement it.  I prefer to communicate with dogs by not talking, just being with them teaches me how to listen and learn from their natural order.  I do not become a wolf in their world,, I become a stronger wolf in my own world by listening to my anima.

When you deliver  20 years worth of puppy litters by yourself, you see the life and death of it all through the eyes of a female who depends on you for her support while she does the work of God as her instincts guide her through the birthing process.  You watch as she bites the sac, licks the puppy clean, and severs the umbilical cord.  This separates the puppy into his own world and the licking starts his blood flowing, which also triggers the lactation process in the mother.  They are inter- connected by a higher order of understanding.  You realize at that moment how aware they are and how completely non instinctual people have become who have to go to a hospital to have a doctor deliver a baby by caesarian section for a woman who has lost the instinct to birth a child. “You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby”   Yes, Siree.

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