My new mantra is Let Them Eat Oil, and by them, I mean, Iran, Iraq, Russia, China, and all of OPEC.  If oil has neared the bottom and there is a whole lot more if it than we can refine, why are we even dealing with anyone else’s oil?  Lets refine our own oil, let OPEC sell their oil to China, let China fight the land war in the Middle East for that oil and let Putin put it where the sun doesn’t shine.

Too radical for you.

Wake up, the stock market is crashing because we are too heavily invested in China and high tech needs a bigger market because they have cannibalized each other over here.  So here’s the deal, stop selling high tech to China and put a 10% tariff on all trade good coming from them. Stop selling foodstuffs like wheat and corn to the Russians, and the Chinese, and let them feed their children on their own food made in their own country and I guarantee you that they will come around in a hurry.  And one more stop doing, stop selling high tech weapons to them… Keep them a step behind us on that front.

So how do we get out of the refining crunch?  Here’s how...

Build as many refineries as we need as fast as we can and keep the prices down to our own Middle Class American Consumer, you know, the guy that pays the tax bill in this country, the guy across the street from you and down the block from you , and sitting at your own dinner table.  Is this a semi-isolationist policy asserting itself as common sense?  I hope to shout it is.  And its been a long time coming.  How long can we carry the rest of the world on our shoulders?  Isn’t it enough to offer them a place to come to to be free?  Why fight their wars, build their schools, and educate their children to hate us?

Now everybody knows that oil and water don’t mix, so how much fracking is enough and how many aquifers do we have to poison to realize that we need all the water we can get right now.  Just ask California, and ask New Mexico after the Animas River mine spill, and ask anyone in the West if there is enough water to go around any more.   What if Montana decided to control all the water coming out of Fort Peck Dam for its own political bargaining tool?  What would people in the wheat belt do if that water wasn’t available anymore?  People would start killing each other over water and food, and that ‘s what is going to happen in Middle America if the politicians in DC don’t get a handle on the problem of not enough water to go around anymore…Did I scare you yet?   I hope so, a scared man pays attention, a fat and sassy man sits on his ass and consumes more than he can produce and if this doesn’t sound like what is happening right now,  then you had better wake up because the dream is almost over…

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