The Path Of The Stray Bullet

First off , this philosophy is predicated upon the fact that you can’t evade the path of a stray bullet, because it can happen to anyone, at any time, until the moment of death, by whatever malady, and occasionally by a stray bullet.

Secondly, there is only the “now”, a place in between the milli-second that the bullet is fired, and next milli-second when the bullet hits.  Our life can pass in that moment, and that pause in-between is the only time we have as humans to react.

Even if you saw or felt the bullet coming, you wouldn’t have enough time to move, so be afraid, be cold inside when you realize that you could die at any time, at any place, on account of being expendable like any other commodity that exists for food.  And the dilemma can only be solved by building a wall of certainty from the knowledge of antiquity so that you may find tranquility before the moment of death.

The fact of the matter is that now you know that we have a brief time here in this garden and that we can make the garden more perfect by arranging rocks to form a wall, if we just take the time to do it.  But we think that there isn’t any time, and as such, the garden goes unfixed, and we forget the meaning of the stray bullet, because we think the story foolish, and the rocks inanimate but mostly because we are too lazy to move rocks to form a garden wall.

And most humans don’t know there was once a man who not only picked up a rock to build a garden wall, but was at that moment, chance to the path of a stray bullet, and what when the weight of the rock pulled his arms and body down, the stray bullet passed over his head without harm.  All because he stooped to help a rock become part of a garden wall, and the man understood that he had never had to lift such a heavy load before, and that was what gave him the strength to move mountains, because, “You got to carry that weight a long time, boy, you got to carry that weight a long time”


Post Mortem

Just last week, I met a guy who was carrying a heavy stone and when I asked him, ” why such a heavy stone”?

“To murder for my dinner”, he said.  And as he said that, a transformation took place and a vibrant fish came to him as food, for the highest possible protein, because this man had the knowledge of fishes, and had moved rocks in the stream to make for better fish gardens, and the fishes prospered because of him.

There is more to this path, because  just this week, I met another man who carried a similar rock to the previous man, and when I asked him, “Why such a heavy stone”?

He answered, “To slay you for your riches”.

At that moment, his rock exploded, fragmenting his dimensional reality.  Perhaps he was un-aware that rocks wish to be part of a wall and will have no party with destruction.  So, as you wander in this garden, think of all the rocks that have to be placed to form the walls and what it takes to become “The Walled Garden Of Truth”, and of all the people since Hakim Sanai who have never stooped  to help a rock become part 0f a wall.


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