Orange Blossom Original Dries

Blogs deal with whatever is on my mind that day.   I usually write about  life in general through a specific topic  about a subject of the moment, because the moment is all we have.  Now is for the takin’, the past is for the forsaken, and the future is for the askin’.  The past is dead, and the future is not here yet and may never be either because you may be dead in the next moment. Try to get the best out of today, because it’s all we will ever have, the here and now.

We are all subject to “The Path Of The Stray Bullet”, which is a piece I wrote many years ago and can be found in my first book, Derelict-us Ameri-can-us? Everything I write is joined at the hip to everything else I talk about.  There is a loose connectedness to all this divergence; it is up to you to put the pieces together, and if they fit, then use em’ or lose em’.  Ideas not actualized are useless; there’s no substance there.

The Path of the Stray Bullet is presented here so that you can get a feel for a new way of life.  It is fiction but has a moral objective at its central core.   It counteracts  the media driven world we live in where we are buried in the muck of a million different takes of a million different sound bites which we can’ t digest because we are living in the past, looking for the future and worrying ourselves to death in the process.  We are dominated by our perspective of time, and our time spatial relationship is out of kilter so we wander around in the now, yet cling to the past, while seeking a better tomorrow.  We are only here today.   There is only now.  There is no tomorrow.  If it feels good do it, but do it for you, not someone else.  How can you do something for someone else, when you don’t even know who you are?


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