Outright Lies

How big is it?

How big is it?

Outright Lies deals with the onslaught of turbulence created by the intelligencia and the politicos who lie for a living.  Agendas driven by politics are falsehoods posing as positions of authority.  Intelligence agencies are vehicles by which the world of opinion is manipulated by masterfully delving into everyone else’s business and calling it our own.

Outright Lies will offer in-between the lines answers to political and intelligence scenarios to implement the law of three into your everyday life.   It will split the atom of diametric opposition in a linear world and bring a third possibility into play.  It may or may not be the right answer but it will offer a viable alternative to black and white, Jews and Arabs, even Obama and Putin.

Outright Lies is my propaganda put forth as my truth, you decide.  My opinion is not important, how you react to it for you is what is important.  I’m just another guy with an opinion and everybody knows what opinions are like, everybody has one.  Gather your opinions from the harvest of media and find the bread of everyday life made from the grains you gather. Grind them with concrete thoughts and consume the truth you make for yourself. 

The first rule is there are no rules.  The second rule is you live by your rules and I will live by mine.  Breaking my rules will not hurt you, but breaking your own rules kills your karma.  Be true to yourself and question everything, even yourself.  That way you may see your ego playing your inner self against your developing soul before your ego consumes you.  Death comes naturally.  Life requires conscious effort and hard work.


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