Life in a science fiction movie, the birth of Biden, and how to survive in a new era…

If this sounds like a daunting forecast, how’s this for reality? You don’t go to work at the office anymore, you can’t go to the store with out a mask on, and for once, Los Angeles is more prohibitive than an uptight midwestern town. Governor Newsom has made Californica more odorous than its’ alarming number of transients huddled under the freeways out of the rain. And Biden’s new administration, which isn’t even in place yet has already pushed the price of oil up $7 a barrel on speculation alone.

With Kerry the new climate czar, we will have a soft guy in a hard place with the daunting task, [did I already say that?] of telling China and Russia that their CO2 emissions are so far in excess of the USA’s that they are the prime offenders in planetary warming and to curtail their actions. Yea, that’s gonna happen. What’s gonna happen is is that we are going to play kissy face with the European Union, join the Paris Climate accord, and allow the Saudis and the Middle Eastern fat cats to push us around at the oil pump, while middle America tries to feed their families on food stamps, bail outs, and home school their kids at the same time. If America’s mothers aren’t overworked already, try taking care of the kids at home while maybe doing their jobs while their husbands may or may not be out of work, especially if they are from the restaurant or hospitality industry.

As soon as we started wearing masks in the Spring, I remarked how eerily similar it was to living in a bad 1950’s science fiction movie, and now that reality has set in, it’s even worse. Are you scared yet? Or are you looking for a way out of these “imposed social ethics”, which at the very least, are hindering your freedom of movement, and at the very most, re-structuring your psychological self to accept utter mediocrity as a daily norm standard. What happened to self reliance, and freedom of expression?

Here’s an example,

When the shut down first started and toilet paper was flying off the shelves, I was in Albertsons buying groceries and was in the paper aisle. The shelves were bare except the very back of the top shelf which was reserved for cut rate price toilet paper, there were 9 rolls up there. I could see them and reach them but the little old lady beside me, and the lady behind her could not. Should I take the nine rolls for me or should I do something decent. I told both of them that there were rolls of paper up there and that I was going to take 3 of them . I asked the little old lady how many did she want, and she said 3. I got them for her and then I asked the next lady how many she wanted and she said 3. Neither one of them wanted more than I got which was their share of the nine rolls and gave us all the same amount. On a lower shelf, with no one to control them, most shoppers would have taken all the rolls they wanted and left none for other people. Only the height of the shelf and my social experiment allowed the situation to work out. Which showed that people are real decent to each other, given a chance, and there is hope for this country if we just try to work together for a change. That little incident gave me hope for a way out of this crisis and “I’m a’hoping”, to quote the late great Yosemite Sam of cartoon fame.

I’m hoping that the winds of change will blow the Covid 19 virus back to China, where it came from and that we can get back to some normalcy in our daily lives. More than likely, it will take a year or two, just like the 1918 Spanish flu did and when it dissipates, birds will sing, babies will cry, women will weep, and America will breathe a sigh of collective relief…

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