Oil, Oil, Everywhere, Buy It Here, Not Over There…

Translation Why Buy a single drop of Saudi or Russian Oil to sell to American consumers, why refine a single drop of oil in a tanker that sits in port from over there, when the Saudis and Russians are freezing the American market and driving the price of oil down so they can drive us out of the market by waiting us out?

Why not refine only American oil, from American oil fields, and support American drillers who are levered to the max?  This is about as Common Sense As It Gets.  Why not help the guy that ramped up production to become energy independent until we were producing enough oil to be self sustaining instead of supporting our philosophic adversaries?

So lets turn the spigot off on the tankers and shut them off at the port, in the tanker before the refiner gets a chance to produce petroleum products  from somebody else’s oil.  This will bring a screeching halt to the movement of adversarial oil in our ports. and if the tankers want to carry a load, take out excess oil, if we have any, to some other port over there.  And one more big why.

Why do the refiners refine any oil but our own?

Because somebody or someone is paying them to do so, at our expense, the common man, who shows no common sense anymore.  I like $1.79 gasoline, and I remember gas at 24.9 cents a gallon in 1966.  But you can’t turn the clocks back, so what can you do.  You can stop buying oil from refineries who use foreign oil, and give our drillers a chance to catch their breath. That’s what.

Here’s to the little guys with big cojones who borrow up to their eyeballs to buy more equipment, hire more people to find more oil to feed their families in the American way, with the same independent thinking that made this country what it is.  A nation of free people with free thoughts  that was built on the blood and sweat of the common man, the middle class, the most powerful force in world when it has a chance to exhibit its power.  The power of unified action from a thousand different places with a thousand different faces, all of them Americans who are doing what they do best, pulling together for a common goal, against a common foe.  This is who you are, Americans, Black, White, Red, and Yellow, from the smelting pot of the new world, forging the future of the New American, a multi colored, multi faceted gem of a new order, a true diamond in the rough…

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