Tiger, Rory, and Shadows In the Vineyard

I wanted to write this week about Tiger’s resurgence but instead will write of Rory’s dominance at this moment.  Even with an unbelievable 61 shot by Sergio last Friday at the Bridgestone, Rory caught him on the first three holes Sunday and put him away.  Sergio didn’t play poorly, he just got steamrolled by the momentum that McIlroy can generate when he is playing well.  Its like when people asked Arnold to compare Tiger and Nicklaus at an early age,  Arnold replied,”Tiger is 30 yards longer and has a better short game.”

McIlroy is longer than the rest of the tour and straighter off the tee and has the iron game that is on fire at the moment.  He hits the ball stiff from anywhere and like Tiger a few years ago, he makes everything  when he is hot, not just the normal 15 feet and in birdies.  And he does it with a smile on his face and a spring in his step.  I’m a Tiger fan, but even the most die hard of us knows that McIlroy is a heavy favorite for this weeks PGA title at Val Halla.   I just hope Tiger can play after last weeks back strain put him out.  This is probably  selfish on my part but I hate to see a Major go by with Tiger not in it, the game loses something when he is not there.  Enuff  golf.

I am currently reading a gift book from a friend of mine called Shadows In The Vineyard, which is a true explanation of the potential sabotage in 2010 of Domaine de La Romanee Conti.   DRC is the holding company   that controls the wines  in the township of Vosne-Romanee and are the most heralded vineyards on earth.  To non wine people, this is the Vatican,  an audience with the  Dali Llama, and a tragedy of monumental consequences in spiritual matters all rolled into one.  Yet what fascinates me about the book is the story of the vineyards themselves, the knowledge of American and French wine that comes forth and the depth of understanding that it imparts to anyone about history in general and Burgandy in particular.   It supersedes politics, and religion by bringing  them together in the search for perfection in Pinot Noir.

It will ground your feet in the dust and terrior of Vosne Romanee, and it will lift your heart as to the potential of man.  It is a beautiful look at the interplay of the wine that only the richest, and most powerful people on earth can afford And it is a look at the generosity of the Domaine to let two french policemen who are not wine people  taste a bottle of 1945 La Tache so that they may understand the depth of the dilemma and in the criminal that they seek.

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