False Casts

Montana Fishing Report/Late June

All the hatches are coming off late this year.  Rock Creek and the Big Hole’s Salmon Fly Hatch are in full swing right now but are two weeks late due to huge run-off.  This is a good thing for later in the year though because there will be enough water to fish in August.  The Misssouri, my home water is fishing well at 4400 fps but the hatches of caddis , yellow sallies, and  pmd’s are sporadic right now and not consistent.  I fished runs that hold hundreds of fish with less than 5 fish rising when usually there are 50 or more.  It is water temperature related, things will heat up very soon.  This is an old time Montana water year  in that it has rained every day in the afternoon, and some days it was with a falling barometer which put the fish off.

Crawfish patterns fished deep to hidden lies will produce big fish but you had better be able to cast a long ways and mend and strip to approximate the swimming motion of the prey to achieve consistent success.  There are enough bugs around the water to keep fish active buts its not red hot yet.  Patience is the key now...

The Madison is starting to perk up down low with consistent caddis hatches every day towards nightfall.  Salmon flies are showing up in the Bear Traps and should be in Ennis as usual any day now.  The hatch is stalled in the Traps but will explode soon.  The Yellowstone is still out but is greening up and will get fishable by July 4 somewhere.

This is a general report as I have fished only a few days and it is difficult out there even for experienced fishermen.  Egos are getting pushed around which creates problems because the fishing has always been so good on the Missouri that people forget that it can be a fickle piece of water.

Talk to the guides if you c an, they are on the river every day and can provide the only real information you may get.  Remember however that a guide only can tell you about yesterday.  If you want today’s news, pay the guide to take you, or go learn it yourself.  Every day is different, that’s what makes fishing so exciting and challenging.  Live and learn.  

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