Additional Material

This page will tell you about all the different versions of books I have already written, available in written form, audio form, both as downloads and mp3 files.  Video to be added at a later date.  This is an archive of all the major work that I have done up to this point. Included in this page are complete written copies in email form of:

Great Sierra Waters, The Eastern Slope

Read Great Sierra Waters, The Eastern Slope

Between Square Buttes

Read Between Square Buttes

Terminal Exposure

Read Terminal Exposure latest edition

Derelict-Us Ameri-can-us? is being re-formatted in word form, but it is available via  on this site.

Terminal Exposure is being finished in audio at this moment, but you can start it if you want to.

Trout Digest is a 30-minute fly fishing TV show I did as a pilot.  you can view it in its entirety without commercial interruption as a 24-minute feature.     It was originally done on 3/4″ tape for broadcast airing and is being re done as a CD for digital presentation. There are additional Videos of my early dog years in short 5-7 minute pieces that are being edited to fit today’s audiences.

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